We have divided our open environment into a number of areas which children are able to explore.  Our areas include painting and collage, messy play, small world, construction, home corner and role play, music, books, mark marking, maths, puzzles and games.  We also have a designated room for sand and soft play.

In the kitchen we have a small oven which allows us to do cooking and throughout the year we redesign the area to provide new and exciting toys for the children to play with.

The outside area is a combination of natural grass and rubberised safety surface which allows the children to access outside play all year round.  We have a large climbing frame with slide, a large sand pit, a play house, bikes, cars, rocker, tunnel and balls for children to play with.  We have developed a mini beast area and a garden for children to grow plants in.  We provide waterproof clothing and wellington boots which allows to children to play outside all year round.

Our toilet facilities include a new extended toilet and bathroom which allows wheelchair access and a changing table.